7th International Conference: Contemporary Philosophy of Religion (2)

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Subject Matter: Comparative Philosophy of Religion (2): Basics and Issues

Chairman: Hamidreza Ayatollahy

Scientific Secretary: Rasoul Rasoulipour

Executive Secretary: Alireza Dorri Nogorani

Conference Director: Javad Taheri

Director’s Assistant: Mahshid Alvandi



– Nature of Comparative Philosophy of Religion

– Possibility of Comparative Philosophy of Religion

– Methodology of Comparative Philosophy of Religion

– Presuppositions of Comparative Philosophy of Religion

– Type of Religion and its Influence on Issues of Philosophy of Religion

– Definition of Religion in Different Philosophies of Religion


– Concept of Religion

– Arguments of the Existence of God/Ultimate Reality/the Holy

– Attributes of God

– Religious Experience and Revelation

– the Afterlife (Immortality)

– The Problem of Evil

– Reason and Faith

– Relationship between God and Nature (Universe)

– Language of Religion (Religious Language)

– Religious Pluralism, Truth and Salvation

– Inter-Religious Dialogue

– Meaning of Life

– Religious Ethics


Time: 29-30 January 2019

Venue: Kharazmi University, Moffateh Avenue, Tehran, Iran

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Proposals of papers should consist of a title, a 300-350 word abstract, at least 3 keywords, and the author’s affiliation and email address.

Deadline for submission of abstracts: : 1 December 2018
Deadline for Submission of Full Text of Speech (1500-2000 words):: 31 December 2018


– Please submit proposals (in both MS Word and PDF formats) to philorconf@gmail.com

– After getting acceptance of the previously submitted proposal, one needs to register through the Registration tab on the left menu.

– In order to get information about conference’s Academic Board, Suggestions for Accommodation, Visa Application Procedure etc. please refer to the correspondent tabs on the left menu.

– Please direct your enquiries to the following email address: philorconf@gmail.com

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