CFP: Theology of Pilgrimage

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The Iranian Association for Philosophy of Religion (IAPR) and Astan Quds Razavi’s Foundation of Islamic Researches will hold the international conference on “Theology of Pilgrimage” on November 14-16, 2023 in collaboration with various Iranian and international academic centers. This conference aims to clarify the various aspects of the theology of pilgrimage, to expand interdisciplinary studies in this field, to create an opportunity for the dialogue between Islam and other religions, and also the dialogue between Imamiyyah and other Islamic sects regarding the pilgrimage, and generally to investigate the capacities, opportunities, and threats in the field of theology of pilgrimage. Laying the groundwork for the conference, the scientific secretariat has planned to hold about 20 virtual/in-person pre-con meetings in Persian, Arabic, and English.

for more information about the conference in Persian, English, and Arabic, visit the website.

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