at what follows, you can see some syllabus that we have gathered on the internet. please help us complete this list by sending us an email ( including items that haven’t been mentioned.


Topic Title Instructor Email University Semester Year
curriculum plan Philosophy of Religion OCR (Oxford, Cambridge and RSA) 2016
Philosophy of Religion university of edinburgh
BA In Philosophy University of Calcutta 2018
MA in philosophy University of Delhi 2019
MA in philosophy of religion Iran 2012
PhD in philosophy of religion Iran 2009
Philosophy of Religion Philosophy of Religion Scott Merlino California State University Fall 2019
Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion Brian Leftow Rutgers University Fall 2019
Philosophy of Religion Ted Poston University of South Alabama Spring 2018
Philosophy of Religion Seth Holtzman Catawba College Faculty Spring 2012
Philosophy of Religion Sarah Marquardt Carleton University Winter 2014
An Historical Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion Jeffrey McDonough Harvard University Fall 2019
Introduction to Philosophy of Religion PHIL5300 Robert B. Stewart New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary Fall 2018
Philosophy of Religion north dakota university Spring 2020
Philosophy of Religion Seth Holtzman Catawba College Spring 2012
Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion Lara Buchak Berkeley Spring 2015
Problems in 20th Century Philosophical and Religious Thought David Liberto NOTRE DAME SEMINARY 2014
Philosophy of Religion Chris Heathwood University of Colorado Spring 2009
A Key Thinker in Philosophy of Religion: In Dialogue Tasia Scrutton University of Leeds
Introduction to Philosophy of Religion Charles E. Gutenson Asbury Theological Seminary Fall 2001
Philosophy of Religion Hans Halvorson Princeton University Spring 2010
Philosophy of Religion Keith Korcz University of Louisiana Fall 2020
Philosophy of Religion Allison Barnes University of Victoria Fall 2014
Philosophy of Religion Glen T. Martin Radford University Fall 2005
Philosophy of Religion Matthew Daude Laurents Spring 2011
introduction to Philosophy of religion Lara Buchak UC Berkeley
Religious Experience The Nature of Religious Experience Michael Sudduth San Francisco State University Fall 2013
Understanding Religious Experience and Expression  Dr. Bryan S. Rennie Westminster College Fall 2015
The Human Religious Experience Susan E. Bond George Mason University Spring 2018
Psychology of Religion Robert C. Gordon University of Oregon Spring 2013
Psychology of Religion Jan Briel Red Rocks Community College Fall 2019
Psychology and Religion/Spirituality Elizabeth Berne DeGear fordham university Fall 2015
Philosophy of religion Jeff Speaks University of Notre Dame Spring 2014
The Existence and Nature of God. Philosophy of God Dittmar Dittrich Loyola University New Orleans Spring 2006
Philosophy of God James Jacobs NOTRE DAME SEMINARY Fall 2014
Problem of God Robert A. Delfino St. John’s University Fall 2019
The Existence and Nature of God. Howard Robinson Central European University winter 2021
Faith and Reason Faith and Reason Alfred Freddoso University of Notre Dame
Faith and Critical Reason Patrick Hornbeck fordham university summer 2018
FAITH AND REASON IN THE MIDDLE AGES J.T. Paasch, Sarah McNamer, Jonathan Ray,, georgetown university Fall 2015
Faith and Reason Christy Flanagan-Feddon University of Central Florida Spring 2014
In the Face of Mystery: Using Faith and Reason in the Search for God Dave Gentry-Akin Saint Mary’s College of California Fall 2013
Faith and Reason Jonathan Way University of Southampton Spring 2010
Skepticism, Faith, Evidence, and Rationality Keith DeRose Yale University Fall 2020
Reason and Religion Mahdi Akhavan Allameh Tabataba’i University Spring 2020
The Nature, Ethics, and Rationality of Faith Lara Buchak UC Berkeley
The Problem of Evil The Problem of Evil Keith DeRose Yale University Spring 2020
Problem of Evil Matt McCormick California State University Fall 2011
The Problem of Evil Georgetown University Summer 2015
The Problem of Evil: From Job to the Present Stephen C. Meredith University of Chicago Autumn 2019
Problem of Evil Eric S. Nelson  The Wabash Center Spring 2014
Theodicy and Early Modern Theology Ephraim Radner Wycliffe College
Theodicy Philip Irving Mitchell Dallas Baptist University
The Problem of Evil Nam T. Nguyen University of Central Florida Summer 2011
The Problem of Evil Andrew Dole Amherst College Spring 2010
Life after Death The Philosophy of Life and Death Chad Vance College of William & Mary Spring 2016
Death, Dying, and the Quality of Life Christian Perring University of Kentucky
Death Shelly Kagan Yale University Spring 2007
DEATH AND AFTERLIFE Randal Cummings California State University Spring 2006
Death and the Afterlife in Graeco-Roman Antiquity James F. Patterson University of Texas Spring 2015
Conceptions of the Afterlife James A. Santucci California State University Fall 2014
Religion and Science Philosophy of Science and Religion Andrew R. Woodward University of Toronto Fall 2015
Religion and Science Nathan Schradle university of north carolina
Science and Religion Kent Dunlap Trinity College Fall 2006
Science, Religion, and Nature in the Age of Galileo Sean Cocco Trinity College Summer 2018
Science and Religion Lara Buchak UC Berkeley