The Nature of God: Personal and a-personal concepts of the divine

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When: 6 – 8 Aug 2018
Where: Haus der Begegnung, Innsbruck, Austria (map)
DescriptionIn recent decades, an increasing number of philosophers in the analytic tradition have begun to produce exciting philosophical work on topics relating directly to systematic theology.

The Analytic Theology Project is a multinational three-year endeavour that contributes to this development in a creative way.  The project funds systematic research promoting interdisciplinary cooperation between analytic philosophers and theologians.  It thus explores the intersection of both fields and seeks to establish links between the traditions of classical European theology and analytic thinking.  Against this background the project is organizing an international conference on “The Nature of God”, and will be considering questions such as:

What reasons are there for preferring a non-/a-personal conception of God?
How much conceptual room is there for seeing God as personal, without yet being a person?
Which of the attributes traditionally predicated of God can be affirmed if God is understood as non-/a-personal?  (e.g. Can a non-personal God create?, Can a non-personal God be free?, Can a non-personal God save?)
What implications are there (metaphysical, epistemic, moral, theological) for conceiving God as a person?
What affect does viewing God as a-personal have on religious practices?

Coming to grips with these and similar questions is crucial for properly engaging with any theistic belief system and alternative, more naturalistic oriented interpretations of reality. At the conference, internationally renowned philosophers and theologians will discuss these questions and give new and innovative answers.

The language of the conference is English.
Organized by: Simon Kittle and Georg Gasser

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