The 19th Biennial Conference for the International Society for Religion, Literature and Culture

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When: 28 – 30 Sep 2018
Where: Uppsala, Sweden (map)

Uppsala University and Stockholm School of Theology, Sweden
28-30 September, 2018

The nature of truth is as debated as it is difficult to define. Yet it is a matter of fundamental importance. If we are not quite sure what we mean by truth, we remain deeply threatened when it begins to vanish from our lives. The Greek term ‘aletheia’ refers to a reality that lies at the basis of an appearance or a revelation. But in more everyday use truth can mean loyalty, integrity, accuracy, genuiness, conformity with fact, or, in art, simply agreement with the thing represented, or even the awareness of reality as unrepresentable. Can truth be recovered in our society, and what would that mean? In a time when truth has become an especially precarious issue, on many levels, the interdisciplinary study of religion, literature and culture have the opportunity to re-address truth and its many layers. We welcome presentations that, in different ways and from different perspectives, delve into the endless yet crucial question of truth.

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