English Panelists of CPR2021

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The 9th International Conference on Contemporary Philosophy of Religion (CPR2021) “Pedagogy: Research and Practice in the field of Philosophy of Religion” will be held from May 9 – June 2, 2021. This conference will have 19 sessions (accessible here), among them 6 panels and 1 round-table in English. The panelists include:

Robert Audi | University of Notre Dame
Mohammadreza Behrangi | Kharazmi University
Mohsen Feyzbakhsh | University of Tehran
Joshua Hollmann | Concordia College
Mousa Mohammadian | Ahmedabad University
Thaddeus Metz | University of Pretoria
Ted F. Peters | Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences and editor of Theology and Science
Duncan Pritchard | University of California
Curtis Rigsby | Hiroshima University
Sajjad Rizvi | University of Exeter
Amir Saemi | IPM
Thomas Senor | University of Arkansas and editor of Faith and Philosophy
Klaus von Stosch | Universität Paderbo
Charles Taliaferro | St. Olaf College
Kevin Timpe | Calvin University
Edward Wierenga | University of Rochester

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